03 January 2013

Today, 4th January 2012. 
The only celebration that very rare to be found in the world. 
As I'm the 3rd child, I am feeling very proud because it happens in my family. 

18 years ago, in 1995, a child was born to this world.
The last child in the family.
The little sister in the family.
Yet the tallest among her sisters.
My beloved little sister.

Yes, she's 18 today.
Not many people really know that there is a story behind her birth.
I know, my sibling know it too.

From this little, until she became

This big, this tall, this clever, this cute.

Happy 18th Birthday To My Beloved Sister!
I still didn't buy your present yet.
You'll get it.

P/S: If you want to know the rare story.
Please wait until tomorrow's post.
You'll know.
By. Fendy. 阿凡提

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