04 January 2013

Yes. It is today, 5th January 2013. Like I promised.
The rare story yet it happens in my family.
Between 4th and 5th January.

This person was born in 1963.
This person got married at the age of 25.
This person was studying in ITM. (I don't remember what year)
This person gave her first birth on May 1989.
This person have 5 children. 
This person is the greatest person in the world.

Raising 5 children is not easy.
She told me that she really wants to continue her study.
She wants to be a doctor.
She wants to help people.
She is really good in science. For me.
She gives me light.

18 years ago. She gave her last birth to my little sister. 
You can see she is holding her in her arms.

That's me, 3 year old boy. 
Cries and sulks. 
I don't remember what happened to me at that time.
Look at my mom.
She's gorgeous right?

Now, when January comes again. 
It is very delightful.
5th of January is a date that I would never forget.
It's today.
Her birthday comes again.
My mother's birthday.

The day after she gives her last birth.
I asked my mom "Ma, kenapa tak tunggu satu hari je lagi?"
She answered "Dah adik kamu nak keluar masa tu."
Well, as you know, she knows science.
She doesn't want to get ill for waiting for giving birth.

Look at her today. She doesn't look like 50 at all to me.
She looks like 43. 
The beauty.
The looks.
The everything for me.
I love you MA!

Happy 50th Birthday from your son.

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